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Before the Flood

96 min. in English,,  Directed by: Fisher Stevens

Rated: PG

Before the Flood is an epic documentary that follows prolific film actor Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels the world to examine firsthand the effects of climate change, and to learn more about possible ways to prevent catastrophic damage that could make the Earth unsustainable for human life. During his journey, he speaks with such influential figures as President Barack Obama, Pope Francis and tech innovator Elon Musk, and makes a speech before the United Nations calling for greater action on this issue.

"Given the sincerity of its message, its ability to assemble such a watchable and comprehensive account gives it an undeniable urgency." ~ Variety 

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09o1V7Gk9M8

***APRIL 22--12:00pm show will be followed by a Q&A with Dr. Sarah Kenehan,,arranged by Countryside Conservancy***


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