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Completely Normal
90 min. in English,,,Directed by: G. Robert Vornkahl

Starring: Chris Caravella, Geneva Carr, Heather Duggan

Not Rated

A heartwarming story of unrequited love and mental illness. The film's director and co-writer will be here on April 20 to discuss the making of the film and how they were inspired to touch in love from afar when he crosses paths with a beautiful but reclusive stranger on the New York subway. Little does he know she is suffering from multiple personality disorder. What follows is a touching portrait of the lengths you will go to get the girl and how illness does not define us or our relationships.

"Completely Normal teeters on the edge of charming and downright creepy in a way that's admirable, thanks to its memorable performances that help even out the film." - The Daily Rotation

Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHzaF0lQfFg


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