Dietrich Theater Reserve your tickets now for the Fall Film Festival Opening Night Gala!  
Friday, September 18th  at 6:00 pm.
Tickets: $40 each.
Enjoy hors d'oeuvres by Twigs Restaurant & Cafe, Seasons Restaurant, and Epicurean Delight and wine by Nimble Hill, two films - "Coco Before Chanel" and "In the Loop", and desserts by Epicurean Delight.
Reservations are required.  Call 570-996-1500 for reservations.

Fall 2009 Film Festival
Friday, September 18 through Thursday, October 1
Enjoy fourteen days of fifteen foreign, independent, and art films.  
Matinee tickets (before 6 pm): $7.  Evening tickets (after 6 pm): $8.

At The Dietrich

Hildy Morgan

     Okay teens and tweenies – you asked for it and I’m giving it to you! For years you have asked when I was going to bring in a horror movie or two and the time is now. Halloween 2 is going to bloody up our screen starting this Friday. It’s really an experiment of sorts. If it does well I’ll bring in more for you. If you don’t come to see it, I won’t. I do understand that horror is very popular and I have no problem with it although I would never see it myself (because it scares me, that’s why). I just read a treatise on horror in some magazine and it said that people who love it love the controlled scares, and that the biggest audience, even for slasher films, is composed of women. I was very surprised at that. But the reason for that, the article stated, was that young women are protected by their dates which makes it all the more fun. I don’t know. I freely admit it is not a genre for me. I actually don’t like being scared. As far as I’m concerned there is enough in real life to scare the you-know-what out of me so I don’t need a movie to help it along. Then again, I don’t go on roller coasters either and they provide the same safe scare as do horror movies. I don’t get it, but neither do I care about a film like G.I. Joe, but I still bring it in. We have a diverse audience and everyone has the right to enjoy the films they love.
     Which brings me to the subject of the art films I hope to bring in the months to come. Since we have four screens I hope to be able to land some art and indie films early on in their showings instead of lumping them all together during festivals. They’re hard to come by for such a small town, but that doesn’t mean we won’t keep trying to get them and I’m assuming we’ll begin to have some luck if we are persistent. Isn’t that true of so much in life?
     Okay, tonight I made my good lookin’ husband take me out to dinner and accompany me to Inglorious Basterds since I knew I’d spend a good deal of it with my eyes closed. I LOVE Quentin Tarentino and Pulp Fiction is one of my all time fave films (it is soooo funny) but the violence in a Tarantino film could match blood for blood with many a horror film. So, my answer to that is to close my eyes and then he tells me when I can look again. It works. We both get to see the movie – he just gets to see a little more than I do.
     So, to get on with my personal review – and here it is: Inglorious Bastards is glorious!!!! It is funny and fantastic and wondrous. We laughed all the way through it, and although I had to shut my eyes three or four times, that was it. Most of the film is dialogue and incredible action. And what makes it sooo cool is that at least half of it takes place in a movie theater! Plus it is simply grand to see a movie where the Nazi’s are afraid of the Jews! The acting is superb (Brad Pitt is wonderfully funny and the fellow who plays the chief bad Nazi is so good that you relish every scene he’s in.) So my verdict is this: Inglorious is better than Pulp Fiction! Honest! See it! It’s the best!
    Of course, for those of you who are waaaay more refined than the heretofore mentioned films, we have Julie and Julia for one more week. Now this is a movie to die for! If you’re a foodie and a lover of Meryl Streep and an admirerer of fine writing and you think Amy Adams is adorable and you love a story well told, then this is the movie for you! It is the best movie we’ve had here since Gran Torino, in my estimation (with a little bit of competition from Public Enemies.) So you have a great selection this weekend. Oh yeah, Shorts is still playing . Cute story for the kiddies.
     Don’t forget to get those gala tix. You don’t want to miss the incredible food and wine and Coco Before Chanel, now do you???? 996-1500 will reserve you a space for the best show in town!
     See you at the Dietrich.

Now Showing
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Inglourious Basterds
August 21, 2009 -
September 3, 2009

August 21, 2009 -
September 3, 2009

August 7, 2009 -
September 3, 2009

G.I.JOE: Rise of Cobra
August 7, 2009 -
August 27, 2009

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Halloween 2
August 28, 2009 -
September 3, 2009

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Fall 2009 Film Festival
September 18, 2009 - October 1, 2009

Airing of the Quilts Exhibit
October 1, 2009 - November 13, 2009

"Reasons for Quilting" Lecture
October 3, 2009

Riches to Rags - La Voce Concert
October 4, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood - Live Performance
October 10, 2009

Daniel J. Flood Lecture
October 14, 2009

Sweeny & Stevesky Guitar Concert
November 1, 2009

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All About Pottery & Sculpture
October 15, 2009 - November 6, 2009

Donkey Beads and Bells, for ages 3 to 5
September 17, 2009 - October 9, 2009

Explore Latin America's Halloween
October 6, 2009 - October 27, 2009

Mask Making for ages 3 to 5
November 12, 2009 - December 11, 2009

Mixed Media, ages 5 - 12
November 12, 2009 - December 11, 2009

Quilting for Kids, ages 6 and up
September 16, 2009 - December 9, 2009

Super Hero Theatre & Visual Arts, ages 3 to 5
October 15, 2009 - November 6, 2009

Trash to Treasures, ages 5 to 12
September 17, 2009 - October 9, 2009

Intergenerational Quilting, ages 13 and up
September 16, 2009 - December 9, 2009

Open Studio for Painting, Drawing & Pottery
September 15, 2009 - December 1, 2009

Basketry: Elves Workshop 2
November 2, 2009 - November 23, 2009

Basketry: Intro to Twined Basketry
November 21, 2009

Basketry: Plaited Ash Cone Basket
October 17, 2009

Create a Felted Handbag, for ages 16 and up
October 29, 2009 - November 12, 2009

Decorative Painting, for ages 16 and up
August 26, 2009 - December 16, 2009

Golden Days of Radio Players Group
October 13, 2009 - December 8, 2009

Introduction to Knitting
October 1, 2009 - October 15, 2009

Jewelry Making: Art Clay Silver
October 19, 2009

Jewelry Making: Working with Sculpey Clay
October 22, 2009

Jewelry Making: Intermediate Glass Fusing
November 2, 2009 - November 16, 2009

Jewelry Making: Introduction to Metal Working
October 26, 2009

Introduction to Stained Glass
November 30, 2009

Open Studio: Painting, Drawing, & Pottery - Days
September 14, 2009 - November 30, 2009

Pottery & Sculpture, ages 13 and up
August 24, 2009 - November 30, 2009

Watercolor for Beginners
October 24, 2009

Writers' Group
July 9, 2009 - August 27, 2009

Yoga for You
July 22, 2009 - August 26, 2009

Live at The Dietrich

Erica Rogler

Last week’s Gathering of Singers and Songwriters 8 was phenomenal! George Wesley, Kate Jordan, CJ McKenna, Tom Flannery and Lorne Clarke truly gave us a night of entertainment to remember. To top things off that evening, WVIA’s George Graham came out to emcee the event. In 1995 George Graham brought these talented folk musicians together for a concert. From then their friendships have grown and we were delighted to host them for a reunion concert. I just loved George Wesley’s upbeat reggae inspired music. Kate’s song “Agnes” about the flood of ’72 was moving. I felt like dancing along to CJ’s Ginger Rogers inspired song “Dancing Tonight”. And the banter between Tom and Lorne cracked me up.    I’m already looking forward to Gathering of Singers and Songwriters 9. 
I am also looking forward with great anticipation to the Dietrich’s Fall Film Festival which is just around the corner starting on Friday, September 18. This year Hildy and Jeffrey picked out fifteen foreign, independent, and art films for this two-week festival. Movies include 500 Days of Summer, Away We Go, Cheri, Coco Before Chanel, Departures, Every Little Step, Food, Inc., Gotta Dance, The Hurt Locker, In the Loop, Lemon Tree, O’Horten, Seraphine, Summer Hours, and Whatever Works
For opening night, the Dietrich will be showing Coco Before Chanel. We are so excited because Jeffery and Hildy got this movie for us before it will play in New York or L.A. It will only play on opening night though so if you are interesting in seeing this bio-pic about Coco Chanel starring Audrey Tautou, make your reservations now. The other feature film for opening night will be “In the Loop” starring James Gandolfini. And of course, opening night would not be complete without hors d’oeuvres from Twigs Restaurant & Café, Seasons Restaurant, and Epicurean Delight. Wine will be provided by Nimble Hill Vineyard and Winery and the desserts that Epicurean Delight will serve between the two movies will be out of this world. Tickets for opening night are $40 each and can be purchased by calling the Dietrich at 570-996-1500.
Quilting classes will also start up in September at the Dietrich. In Quilting for Kids, children ages 6 and up will learn quilting techniques as they create “Signature Quilts” also known as “Friendship Quilts”. Students will make these quilts with colorful fabrics and have friends and family members sign their masterpieces. Classes will be held on Wednesdays, September 16 to December 9 from 3:30 - 5:00 pm. Admission is $6 per class and all materials are provided. 
In Intergenerational Quilting, adults and students ages 13 and up will design their own nine-patch quilts from the time period of their choosing as they learn hand-quilting techniques. Classes will be held on the same dates as Quilting for Kids from 6:00 - 7:00 pm. Admission is also $6 per class and all materials are provided.
For adults and students ages 13 and up, we also invite you to take part in Pottery & Sculpture classes with Dietrich artist-in-residence Steve Colley. In these classes, students of all levels of experience will work on potter’s wheels and learn hand-building and sculpture techniques. Classes are held on Mondays from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. The September session starts on September 14 and runs for four classes through October 5. Admission is $50 for the series and materials are provided. Call the Dietrich at 570-996-1500 for more information about any of our class offerings or to register.