Dietrich Theater
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Spring 2010 Film Festival
At the Dietrich Theater in downtown Tunkhannock
Opening Night Gala -
Opening Night Gala Tickets: $45 each.
Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, two films, and desserts by Epicurean Delight. Reservations are required for gala night only. Call 570-996-1500 for reservations.
Film Festival -
Enjoy fourteen days of sixteen foreign, independent and art films. Visit for film synopses and show times. Film Festival Tickets: - $7 -matinee and $8 - evening.
Friday, April 9 to April 23.
Friday, April 9 at 6:00 pm.

At The Dietrich

Hildy Morgan

  Oh my Gosh!!! Erica just told me today that Dr. Philip Mosley is going to introduce the films on gala night! I’m so thrilled! He always makes everything seem so classy and his insights into the films and the directors are just the sort of info film buffs (and buffettes) just love!   And the films he’s introducing are both British so it’s totally perfect! 

     Speaking of films, this is the week I tell you about our festival goodies, and honestly, I do think this might be the best festival yet. You’ll see…I’m not just saying that.
     Okay, opening night we are showing The Last Station starring Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren about the final days of the great Russian writer, Tolstoy. It is the battle of wills between Sofya Tolstoy, his wife of fifty years, and his friend Chertkov, who insists that Tolstoy’s work be turned over, at his death, to the Russian people. Sofya fights to keep his writings the property of the family. It’s fascinating in that it not only tells the story of the great battle over Tolstoy’s work, but tells of the epic love story between Tolstoy and Sofya.
     An Education is about a young woman, in school and bored to death, who meets an older man who essentially sweeps her off her feet and makes her believe that school is a frivolity and all she needs is him. Needless to say, as exciting as the world he shows her may be, it is no substitute for an education. It’s a delightful film and, just like The Last Station, had Academy Award nominations.
     The Art of the Steal is a documentary that explores how greed, political power and good intentions collaborate to violate Alfred Barne’s wishes and scatter his private art collection all over the globe. It’s as fascinating as any fiction film about art thieves.
     Fresh is a film about food (what else) and what we eat, and how it’s grown, and the value to our bodies and spirits of eating that which is locally owned and produced. After the showings we will have discussion and a group of experts will answer any questions you may have.
     Me and Orson Welles looks to be a favorite of the festival. It’s about a young man who desperately wants to be an actor, getting his first job at the Mercury Theater in NY and working for the great (although slightly mad) genius, Orson Welles. It’s funny and romantic and a grand period piece (always my favorites). It stars Zac Efron and Claire Danes which , I’m hoping, will lure in some young folks to festival.
     Ghost Writer stars Pierce Brosnon and Kim Cattrell in Roman Polanski’s latest and finest film. It’s a thrill ride from beginning to end with political overtones, about a ghost writer who is offered the deal of a lifetime. Except, what did our Mum’s always say? If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
     The Road is Cormac McCarthy’s apocalyptic vision of America after cataclysm where a dying man tries desperately to get his young son to some kind of civilization so the boy isn’t left alone in a hostile world. It’s sad and bleak and profound. I loved the book and the movie got terrific reviews, so I’m looking forward to seeing the words come alive on the screen.
     Okay, so for me the main reason to see Nine is Sophia Loren. That woman is still completely gorgeous and charming after all these years. The cast is incredible (how about Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, and Judi Dench for soooo cool???) and the music and dancing superb. I can’t wait to see all the razzle-dazzle this film has to offer.
     A Single Man stars Collin Firth (who will forever be Mr. Darcy in my mind) as a man mourning for the loss of his beloved in the early 1960’s.   Nominated for an Academy Award, Firth is perfect as the man who struggles to find meaning in his life after his longtime companion dies. A deeply moving film that should be a festival fave.
     Ooops. I ran out of space. So I’ll tell you about the rest next week. (Wasn’t I right? Don’t they all sound fab????) Don’t forget to call 996-1500 to make those gala reservations.
     See you at the Dietrich.

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Live at The Dietrich

Erica Rogler

 Last weekend, we had a one-woman show called "Determined Spirit: The Story of Amelia Earhart" at the Dietrich. Amelia’s story in itself is inspiring and amazing, but to see it performed theatrically was incredible. When actress and historian Monica Hoffman walked in the door to do the show, it felt like you were looking at Amelia. On behalf of the theater, I would like to thank Annette Sheldon for recommending that we bring Monica to our community after a friend of hers saw the show performed at a library in Mt. Olive, NJ. Also, I need to thank Sam Casterline of Tunkhannock’s Bridge Street Market for donating an Amelia Earhart travel case that was given away as a door prize at the show. 

In less than two weeks the Dietrich’s Spring 2010 Film Festival will be here. To be able to see so many acclaimed foreign, independent and art films in just two weeks is a treat. I hope to catch the intriguing documentary The Art of the Steal about how, against his wishes, Albert C. Barnes’s art collection gets distributed across the globe after his death. The Ghost Writer starring Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan also looks good. I just love suspenseful thrillers. I also plan to see Colin Firth and Julianne Moore in A Single Man based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood. The two coming of age films An Education and Me and Orson Welles, sound like good entertainment. Excluding gala night, tickets to festival movies are $7 each for matinees (before 6 pm) and $8 for evening shows. To learn more about all sixteen film festival selections and their showtimes, visit our website
For the opening night gala, the Dietrich will show The Last Station featuring Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren and James McAvoy, and An Education. These films will be introduced by Dr. Philip Mosley. His knowledge of films is incredible. Of course, the evening would not be complete without wine provided by Nimble Hill Vineyard & Winery and hors d’oeuvres by Twigs Restaurant, Epicurean Delight, and Seasons Restaurant. In between movies, Epicurean Delight will provide a delectable array of desserts. It will definitely be a festive evening - great food, great entertainment, and great company. Tickets for gala night are $45 each and can be reserved by calling the Dietrich at 570-996-1500. Reservations are required for gala night only. 
Speaking of food, doesn’t a "New World Fusion" cooking class sound fun and delicious? Well, on Wednesday, April 28 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm, you will have an opportunity to learn how to cook a delightful East Meets West menu as you dine. Taught by instructor Dave Dunster at the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center Food Management, Production and Services Department, you will learn how to prepare the following five courses:
fried plantains with roasted garlic mayo, famous Cuban black bean soup topped with sweet Mayan onions and cumin crème fraiche, peanut lo mein - tossed sesame peanut sauce and topped with diced tropical fruit and vegetables, grilled Jamaican jerk chicken with a mango pepper sauce, and for dessert, key lime pie with a pecan coconut crust. Admission for the evening is $50 and proceeds support the Wyoming County Cultural Center at the Dietrich Theater. Call 570-996-1500 to make your reservations. Seating is limited. As Dave Dunster says, "Life is short…Eat good food!"