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Gathering of Singers & Songwriters 9
At the Dietrich Theater in downtown Tunkhannock
Wednesday, August 25 at 7:30 pm.
Admission: $5 per person
Join us for an evening of acoustic folk music featuring Michael Jerling, KJ Wagner, Tom Flannery, and Lorne Clarke.
Call 570-996-1500 for ticket information.

At The Dietrich

Hildy Morgan

  My goodness! Another carnival time is upon us!   Time seems to move at jet speed from year to year. This August marks the sixth year since my bout with breast cancer. Had your mammograms, ladies? I bring this up because as those of you who regularly read me know, I didn’t bother getting mine for four years before the cancer diagnosis.  Four years! How totally, incredibly dumb was that! And yet I heard of a lady last week who hadn’t had one for a number of years because they are “unpleasant” and they hurt. So what can you say to that? Yeah. They’re unpleasant and they hurt. 

     But let me tell you with 100% certainty – they aren’t as unpleasant and they don’t hurt nearly as much as a mastectomy does. So, the moral of this story is that I was very, very lucky to have had a slow growing cancer. And, of course, the last chapter on all of that has yet to be written. But ladies, ladies, ladies….don’t mess with this. Get ‘er done. Make that appointment today. Don’t say, when you read this, “yeah, she’s right. I should make that appointment. I’ll do it later.” No, no, no, no! That won’t do. You read this and if you are due for that mammogram, you put this paper right down and you pick up your phone…yes you…right now!!…and you make that appointment. Ninety percent of the time they’re just fine. But just in case, just in case you’re one of the ten percent that might get a bit of bad news, then you want to get that news right in the beginning. You don’t want to wait around while that vicious beast grows inside a perfectly wonderful body.
     So, you’ll call now, right? And if you have gotten yours right on schedule, but you have a friend who is putting it off, show her this column. Remind her what’s at stake here. Tell her you love her and you wouldn’t want to be without her. And if she still won’t listen, you bring her right up here to my office. I’ll tell her a thing or two. And mainly I’ll tell her, don’t be like me. I was blind and foolish and smart-alecky and I paid dearly for it. And we don’t want her to do the same.
     Okay. Yearly lecture is over. (I bet you’re going, “Thank heaven!”)
     Okay. Funny man Will Farrell is coming to the Dietrich on Friday along with Mark Wahlberg and Michael Keaton in The Other Guys, which appears, in the trailers anyway, to be astonishingly funny. I would say this is Ferrell’s last chance to make a blockbuster comedy before his fans give up on him altogether. And we still have Inception, holding for the third week at number one, Salt with the dynamite Angelina Jolie and finally, for the kidlets, Warner Brothers Cats and Dogs. 
     And now, back to my favorite subject – the upcoming film festival. Opening night is going to be so great because our opening movies are so superb! Mao’s Last Dancer and Get Low. Plus, food from Epicurean Delight, Twigs and Seasons, and this year we’re going to see if Tom St. Claire will bring his goodies to gala night once again (oh yum!). I’ll let you know next week. And of course there is the incredible wine from Nimble Hill. So, you get two movies, all the food you can eat from our finest restaurants, the best wine you can buy from our local winery and dessert to die for. And for that, this year, we are asking $50.00 per ticket. 
     We’ve raised the price just a tad on gala night because sometimes people forget that it is a fundraiser for the Dietrich. The profits from gala night (and because we have the best, best food and wine the profit margin is not real high) are used to not only help bring in all the other festival films, but, if any is left over, to help with our programming for children. Considering all you get for your bucks, don’t you think that’s a wonderful way to make a much needed donation??? So do make that call – we have reserved seating this year – if you call early enough you can actually reserve your favorite seats! How’s that for tooooo cool???? 996-1500.
     See you at the Dietrich.  

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August 6, 2010 -
August 26, 2010

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Cats&Dogs:Revenge of Kitty Galore
July 30, 2010 -
August 12, 2010

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August 12, 2010

Coming Soon
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Gathering of Singers & Songwriters 9
August 25, 2010

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Open Studio: Painting, Drawing, & Pottery - Nights
April 6, 2010 - August 24, 2010

All About Pottery & Sculpture Camp
August 2, 2010 - August 6, 2010

Easy Beads! Create in Clay!
August 16, 2010

Pottery & Sculpture
April 5, 2010 - August 30, 2010

Live at The Dietrich

Erica Rogler

Today we wrapped up a fun week of camps at the Dietrich. In the morning, twenty-one children ages five to twelve went on a theatre, visual arts and cultural adventure in our Around the World in 5 Days Camp. Under the direction of Michaela Moore and Amy and Steve Colley, campers created costumes, characters, props and scenery for a play they developed and performed for family and friends at the end of the week. The children especially had a great time working on their group project. Together, they built and painted a cardboard time machine, which they used as a piece of scenery for their play. 
During the afternoons, eighteen young artists explored the arts in our All About Pottery & Sculpture camp with Amy and Steve Colley. Students created all kinds of sculptures with clay using a variety of tools.   They fashioned bowls using basic hand-building techniques (coil and slab construction). The kids also learned how to used potter’s wheels. Due to the popularity and long waiting list for this camp, Amy and Steve will begin their falls class series with pottery and sculpture. On Saturdays, September 18 through October 9 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., children ages six to twelve years old will have another opportunity to experience working with the fun medium of clay. Admission to the series is $35, and all materials are supplied. Amy will also teach pottery & sculpture to her Mommy & Me and Preschool classes in September.
We are grateful to all of our children’s class teachers and camp instructors for making this summer so fantastic. How great is it that children in our community can experience music, theatre, visual arts, culture, and digital arts on their summer vacations?! Thank you David Driskell, Timothy Walker, Rand Whipple, Jennifer from the Everhart Museum, Ingrid Rogler, Terry Keller, Peggy Lane, Steve and Amy Colley, and Michaela Moore for sharing your knowledge and love of the arts to so many and in such a fun way. The arts truly make a difference in our lives. 
While our children’s classes and camps have wrapped up for the season, summer would not be complete at the theater without our annual Gathering of Singers and Songwriters concert. Join us on Wednesday, August 25 at 7:30 p.m. for an amazing evening of live acoustic music. This year musical guests include KJ Wagner, Michael Jerling, Tom Flannery and Lorne Clarke. I can’t believe we are presenting our ninth year of this event. It is definitely a must see concert. I guess my favorite part of the concert is when the musicians explain their song writing process, and the fun banter and stories the musicians share in between songs. Tickets are $5 each and can be purchased at the Dietrich Theater ticket booth or reserved by calling 570-996-1500. We hope to see you there.
For those of you are thinking past summer and are looking forward to the Dietrich’s Fall Film Festival, mark your calendar. From September 24 through October 7, you will have the opportunity to view fifteen of the finest foreign, independent, and art films that have been released in the past four months. For the Opening Night Gala, we will be showing Get Low and Mao’s Last Dancer. In addition to those incredible films, there will be sumptuous hors d’oeuvres, desserts and wine. It’s a spectacular evening of films, food, and good company. Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased by calling 570-996-1500. Proceeds from the evening will support cultural programming for children at the Dietrich.