Dietrich Theater
Weekend Event!

Yoga Journeys: Yoga for Kids
At the Dietrich Theater in downtown Tunkhannock
Saturday, November 13 at 11:00 a.m.
For ages 6 and up
Presented by: Melissa Russo: Certified Yoga Instructor
Admission: Free
We’ll explore breathing and relaxation exercises, traditional yoga poses and maybe even play a game or two! Students are asked to bring a yoga mat or beach towel.

At The Dietrich

Hildy Morgan

  How did it ever get to be this time of year again? How is it that suddenly, and without due warning, we have to turn the clocks back? How is it that the night comes on so early and the cold is beginning to chill deep in the bones? Now, as a fan of winter and a not overly enthusiastic summer person, I’m happy with this turn of events in general. It’s just that the time is going so fast…we’re spinning toward the holidays and then on into the bleak midwinter (oooooh, shiver) and we barely, it seems, got to spend any time with the autumn. Of course, I may have missed the fall because our roads were being torn to shreds and replaced and a billion trucks were everywhere and so I couldn’t walk in my fields or take my dogs out to bound through crisp golden leaves and I certainly couldn’t hear the geese fly over. So, perhaps that’s how I missed it all. (I can hear my mother saying “This, too, shall pass) and actually, the commotion has died down quite a bit in the last few days. Still, it’s been a rather unsettling October and I am looking forward to the quiet of November. 

     Of course, the quiet is being broken by my sister’s telephone calls. She is determined that this year we will have something different at our Thanksgiving table. She keeps finding “healthy” recipes. (Lord help us from healthy at the holidays!) The last recipe she read over the phone had something to do with brown rice and almonds and another whatsis that, upon being eaten, will fill us all with the rosy glow of righteousness.
     She will continue to call with these little gems from all the best ladies mags until Thanksgiving week when it will suddenly occur to her that, as in all these years past, there is absolutely nothing we can put on the table that would come even close to beating out the all American goodness of Mamma’s menu. Of course, I listen with great respect because I love my sister and I believe it’s something she has to get out of her system - - the endless and as far as I can tell entirely pointless quest for newness. How can you beat perfection? How do you beat creamy mounds of mashed potatoes, deep, rich giblet gravy, golden rutabagas, oyster stuffing, candied yams, creamed onions, celery and olives, a turkey so browned and beautiful that its sacrifice is not without cosmic meaning and finally, a piece of pumpkin pie. The only thing missing from Mamma’s perfect table is Mamma herself, and Poppa too, of course. But here’s the thing – when we cook those foods for that special day Mamma is with us, telling me not to be impatient with the gravy, to hold the onions under the cold water as I peel them, to use a potato peeler instead of a knife when I peel the potatoes so half the potato doesn’t end up in the garbage and to nod her approval of her “girls,” paying homage to her culinary greatness.
     But listen, don’t tell my sister I wrote this. I don’t want to spoil her fun looking for the recipe we will never use. It means so much to her.
     Okay, opening this week we have Unstoppable (because Bob Kulow is the world’s best volunteer and we want him to stay with us forever) which looks like one heck of an adventure (I can’t wait!!!) and Clint Eastwood’s look at life after death in Hereafter, another I am anxious to see. 
     Plus, we still have Megamind 3D for the kiddies and Due Date for those who love a raunchy good laugh.
     And next week we open the next to last Harry Potter movie! Advanced tix are selling like hotcakes so give a holler.
     Finally, do remember us at the holidays and purchase our wonderful gift bags for all your kith and kin. They’re terrific, they help us stay afloat in bad months, they’re charmingly wrapped (by some totally terrific volunteers) and you’ll never have to dust them!!! Plus, if you pair one with a gift certificate to a local restaurant, it’s just the best gift ever!!!!!
     See you at the Dietrich. 

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HARRY POTTER:The Deathly Hallows,Part 1
November 19, 2010 -
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Live at The Dietrich

Erica Rogler

Last week was amazing! The Dietrich hosted Tasting the Big Apple: Movie & Bus Trip, and it was so great. On Monday, trip participants and their tour guides gathered at the Dietrich to see the classic 1987, Oscar-winning film Moonstruck. This comedy/drama starring Cher and Nicolas Cage had us all laughing. Plus, the views of New York City in that movie were fabulous. I just love the scene where Cher and Nicolas Cage’s character’s meet in front of Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. It’s beautiful. If you haven’t seen this movie in a while, I recommend renting it. It’s one of those films that you could watch again and again.   
After the movie, the Dietrich’s fundraising committee presented us with an absolutely delicious spread of desserts. They went all out; there was even a chocolate fountain! Who can beat that combination – a great movie and sumptuous desserts!
Then on Wednesday, we boarded a bus and headed to New York City. The weather was perfect and our tour guides took great care of us. Marta Kovacs-Ruiz took a group to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Richard Fitzsimmons guided other trip goers around 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center. And a large group of participants chose to go Washington Square, Greenwich Village with guide John Keker. I had never been to Greenwich Village before and just loved it. There was so much to see, and do, and eat! The Washington Memorial Arch was so impressive standing at 77 feet high and made of white marble. Plus it was also fun to people watch in Washington Square Park. NYU film students were filming projects, all kinds of musicians were playing for the public, and young families and students were out enjoying the day. The townhouses surrounding the park were also beautiful to see. These homes were built in 1833 for rich New Yorkers. Henry James grew up right by the Square, and apparently his novel Washington Square draws heavily from his experiences there. I also enjoyed seeing the Washington Square home that Eleanor Roosevelt lived in during the 1940’s. It was also amazing to see the variety of ethnic restaurants in Greenwich Village – Thai, Indian, Italian, Greek and more. We chose to eat at a Mexican restaurant and then got homemade ice cream for dessert.
For dinner we all met up at Carmines for an Italian family-style dinner. It was great to sit down and share great food and talk about our experiences of the day. 
We would like to thank Jessie Keker, our tour guides and the fundraising committee for putting together such a nice New York experience. All proceeds from the trip will be used to support cultural programming for children at the theater. 
Speaking of children’s programming, please join us this Saturday for Yoga Journeys: Yoga for Kids at 11:00 a.m. Hatha yoga instructor Melissa Russo will be teaching children ages six years old and up and their families yoga poses, breathing exercises and more. Admission is free. All you need to bring is a yoga mat or towel. We hope to see you there.