Dietrich Theater Upcoming Events 

Songs & Games for Tots
At the Dietrich Theater in downtown Tunkhannock
Saturdays, June 18 and July 16 at 11:00 a.m.
Presented by: Bill Frye
Admission: Free
Enjoy a morning of songs and games with Bill Frye and his supercharged guitar. Children and adults will share smiles and sing and dance together to familiar, popular songs Bill plays with his trademark zest. A fast-paced musical experience.
Call 570-996-1500 to register.
Coyote: A Trickster Tale from the Southwest - 3 Free Shows
At the Dietrich Theater in downtown Tunkhannock
Friday, June 24 at 10 a.m. and Saturday, June 25 at 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
A play performed by the Dietrich Children’s Theatre
Admission: Free
Sponsored by: Pennsylvania Humanities Council
Hitch a ride out west with us as a coyote learns to fly! Coyote has a nose for trouble, and a zest for greatness. A group of singing, dancing crows decide to have some fun, convincing him he can soar through the sky with them. But what happens when Coyote changes from grateful to boastful? Find out when the crows decide to teach him a lesson. Tickets are available by calling 570-996-1500 or at the door while they last.
Shakespeare in the Park - Hamlet
At the Dietrich Theater in downtown Tunkhannock
Saturday, June 25 at 7:00 p.m.
Presented by: Gamut Theatre Group
Admission: Free
At Tunkhannock’s Riverside Park
Experience Shakespeare in Tunkhannock’s Riverside Park with Gamut Theatre Group’s version of Hamlet. This 80-minute version of the original text of Shakespeare tells the story of Hamlet, a prince distraught by the hasty marriage of his Uncle Claudius to his newly widowed mother. The ghost of Hamlet’s father visits his son, reveals that he was murdered by Claudius and entreats Hamlet to set things right. Shaken, Hamlet devises a complete plan to prove Claudius’s guilt but the choices he makes result in multiple tragedies. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs. 
Bridal Bliss: A Runway Retrospective Show
At the Dietrich Theater in downtown Tunkhannock
Sunday, June 26 at 1:00 p.m. at the Dietrich Theater
Advance Tickets $40 each; $45 at the door if available.
Call 570-996-1500 for reservations.
Proceeds benefit the Dietrich Theater
Enthusiasm is growing in anticipation of "Bridal Bliss", a retrospective bridal show that will include gowns from the 1920’s to the present day. This fundraiser will showcase the historical evolution of bridal attire featuring local models and gowns from Wyoming and nearby counties. Unique to this presentation are personal wedding anecdotes that add distinct charm. In addition, popular music and floral arrangements from each decade will be interwoven into the show. Kathy Chorba’s "Queen Victoria’s Court" has been invited to enhance the finale with its lovely Victorian wedding garments. It will be a delightful afternoon of entertainment commemorating the emotion and happiness connected with one of the most important days in a couple’s life. A dessert reception will follow the show. Desserts will be provided by Atlantic Fish & Fabulous Foods, Sweet Sensations, and Chocolates by Leopold, Dee Dee’s Delights, Thomas’ Market and Ah! Some Chocolates.

At The Dietrich

Hildy Morgan

     Wow!!!! I’m back in the office, sitting at my desk, feeling sooooo fine!!!! It is exceptionally good to be back here with my dear friends and fighting with movie companies and writing my column and, well, just taking my life back. (I even walked two miles on Saturday and followed it up with another two miles on Sunday. Felt so good!!)
     Okay, now I don’t want to beat this breast cancer thing to death, but I want to make one more comment about it and then I promise, I won’t mention it again. Still, I wanted to include a cautionary note because I know (I just know) there are some of you out there who are still too scared to get your mammograms or who think it really doesn’t matter all that much, that you can skip a year or two and it’ll all be okay.
      Let me shoot both of those theories right down right now. If you’re too scared to get it (as I was so many years ago) then you’re just darn foolish (as I was so many years ago)! Being so scared that you don’t have the mammogram doesn’t mean you won’t get cancer. If it’s in there it’s in there whether you have a mammogram or you don’t. And by not having those pictures taken all you’re doing is assuring that your surgery and the follow-up will be so much more severe than it has to be. And if you think that you can skip a year or two, let me say how foolish that is, too. Because, although breast cancer is normally a slow growing cancer, in your case it might not be. You need a yearly record. Yearly. That’s it. No way around it.
     And let me tell you what a difference that can make. As you know, my first go-round with breast cancer happened after a four year vacation from having my mammogram (how smart was that????) and the tumor had grown, therefore, to four centimeters. Which meant not only a radical mastectomy but a follow up of chemo. Contrast that with this time around when the tumor was LESS THAN one centimeter, meaning I had a mastectomy (my choice, I could have had a lumpectomy) and NO CHEMO! None. Nada!
     And that’s the reason you have to have those pictures snapped every single year – because you either have breast cancer or you don’t, but by being faithful about your mammograms you can spare yourself a world of hurt and devastating treatment. So, I implore you, dear ladies, to make those appointments, get ‘er done, and either way you’re better off. And even if it is the worst, and you do have a tumor, so, look at me – one month later and I’m back at work and feeling 
gooood. Sometimes our fears do us so much more harm than the actual facts. I mean, really, there is so much life to be lived, so much to do, so much laughter and joy awaiting us. Don’t let all of that be cut short because you’re too afraid to face what might be. Because, if it’s caught early, breast cancer is totally survivable! Be good to yourself and your family and schedule your appointment today! (Like, now. You do it!!!)
     And now to the movies. X-Men is opening and it looks soooo fine! (97% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes .com) And, praise be, we’re opening it in 2-D so there is no extra charge. (We’re looking into doing something about that, so stay tuned.) And the critical reviews have been looking good! It’s a fun movie for those who like that sort of thing (I can’t say I’m really into stuff like that, but I know there are millions of folks who are) and with James McAvoy as the star you know the acting is going to be superb. Plus, we’re holding the hilarious and record-breaking Hangover 2 plus one more week for Bridesmaids and you still have a chance to see Johnny Depp in a delightful Caribbean romp. And that’s it. Come to the movies. Great popcorn, great theater, old friends, cooooool inside. What more could you ask?
     See you at the Dietrich.

Now Showing
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X-Men First Class
June 3, 2011 -
June 23, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
May 20, 2011 -
June 9, 2011

The Hangover Part II
May 26, 2011 -
June 16, 2011

May 13, 2011 -
June 9, 2011

Coming Soon
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Mr. Popper's Penguins
June 17, 2011

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Bridal Bliss
June 26, 2011

Songs & Games for Tots
June 18, 2011 - July 16, 2011

Coyote: A Native American Trickster Tale
June 25, 2011 - June 25, 2011

Shakespeare in the Park
June 25, 2011

Bridal Bliss Exhibit
June 1, 2011 - July 31, 2011

Everhart Museum Bus Trip
July 9, 2011

Celebrate Our River Day
July 23, 2011

Life on the Susquehanna River Exhibit
August 1, 2011 - September 30, 2011

Gathering of Singers and Songwriters 10
August 24, 2011

or (570)996-1500 to enroll

Acting Camp for Kids
June 20, 2011 - July 29, 2011

All About Pottery & Sculpture Camp
July 11, 2011 - July 15, 2011

Chinese Dragon, ages 6 to 8
July 25, 2011 - July 29, 2011

Crazy Commercials
June 20, 2011 - June 24, 2011

Dance! Dance! Dance!
June 27, 2011 - June 28, 2011

Digital Arts Camp
June 20, 2011 - June 24, 2011

Dino-Mite: Theatre & Visual Arts Camp
June 27, 2011 - July 1, 2011

Jammin' in a Jugband
July 18, 2011 - July 22, 2011

Mask Making Camp
July 18, 2011 - July 22, 2011

Mixed Media Camp
July 11, 2011 - July 22, 2011

Move It! Theatre & Visual Arts Camp
July 25, 2011 - July 29, 2011

Quilting for Kids
April 6, 2011 - July 20, 2011

Shadow Mask Theatre
July 25, 2011 - August 5, 2011

Swing from the Tree Tops Camp
August 1, 2011 - August 5, 2011

Things in the Sky
July 6, 2011 - July 27, 2011

Intergenerational Quilting
April 6, 2011 - July 20, 2011

Jammin' in a Jugband, ages 13 to adult
July 18, 2011 - July 22, 2011

Open Studio: Painting, Drawing & Pottery
April 12, 2011 - August 23, 2011

Decorative Painting
April 13, 2011 - August 31, 2011

Introduction to Stained Glass
June 13, 2011

Jewelry Making: Introduction to Glass Fusing
July 11, 2011 - July 25, 2011

Knit a Mobius Scarf
July 14, 2011 - July 28, 2011

Photography for Beginners
May 2, 2011 - June 20, 2011

Pottery & Sculpture
April 4, 2011 - September 12, 2011

Spanish for Beginners
May 4, 2011 - June 8, 2011

Writers' Group
April 14, 2011 - August 25, 2011

Yoga for You
April 13, 2011 - August 31, 2011

Live at The Dietrich

Erica Rogler

Live at the Dietrich June 8, 2011
Our bus trip to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania was just lovely! Twenty-one of us went on the 2.5-hour trip to the Wellsboro area. The gorge was definitely a sight to behold. It is so luscious, green and full of life. We viewed it from both the east and west rims and from the bottom of the canyon, eight hundred feet below. While there, we spotted a bald eagle from the Leonard Harrison State Park overlook, and were able to look down at turkey vultures soaring past us at the Barbour Rock overlook in Colton Point State Park. 
During the afternoon, we took a 2-hour narrated wagon ride through the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The time just flew by. We learned about the region’s rich history of logging white pine and about the native vegetation and wildlife of the area. There is just something special about nature’s wonders. 
After our adventures in the great outdoors, we had some time at the end of the day to explore Wellsboro. It is such a quaint town full of unique shops and rich history. I found the Wynkin, Blynkin & Nod fountain in the town’s square to be especially whimsical. We would like to thank our tour guide, naturalist Jane Frye, for giving us such a special day. If you missed our PA Grand Canyon trip, don’t worry because Jane has already started exploring bus trip options for us in the fall. Stay tuned for details. 
The Dietrich will be hosting another bus trip this summer that is closer to home. On Saturday, July 9, we will be taking our annual trip to the Everhart Museum in Scranton. The Everhart Museum is so close to home that I sometimes think we overlook it as a fantastic trip. While at the Everhart, we will be taken on a private activities tour of the museum, which is a great way for children and families to explore the exhibits. We will also enjoy box lunches provided by Heavenly Ham and have time to take in the sights of Nay Aug Park including its gorge and tree house. The bus trip costs $10 per person and lunch is included. We will depart from the Dietrich at 9:30 a.m. and return at about 2:00 p.m. Call us at 570-996-1500 to sign up. Space is limited and preregistration is required. 
In addition to our bus trip to the Everhart, the Dietrich has a multitude of fun and educational activities for children to participate in this summer. For little ones, Bill Frye will be back at the theater for Songs and Games for Tots. On Saturdays, June 18 and July 16 at 11 a.m., children and their families will be invited to enjoy music and games with Bill Frye and his supercharged guitar. During this fast-paced, musical experience, kids will be able to sing and dance to popular songs that Bill will play with his trademark zest. Admission is free. You won’t want to miss out. 
For older children, the Dietrich’s summer camp series starts up on Monday, June 20th. This summer children can experience theatre arts, music, pottery, mask making, dance, digital arts, painting, drawing and so much more at the theater. We will also host Things in the Sky, a class at the Dietrich featuring not only art but also science and natural history. Please give us a call at 570-996-1500 or visit our website <> for more information about summer fun at the Dietrich.