Dietrich Theater Upcoming Events! Celebrate Our River Day At Tunkhannock's Riverside Park Saturday, July 23 from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Admission: Free Sponsored by: the Overlook Estate Foundation Join us as we celebrate and promote the value of one of our greatest resources, the Susquehanna River. Included in the day's festivities will be live music, environmental activities for children and adults, a nature walk, plein air painters, a presentation about Francis Slocum by Bill Bachman, a River Float, and more. Live music will be provided by Sadie Green Sales Jugband, the blue grass group Coal Town Rounders, and the George Wesley Bank. For more information about the River Float contact Endless Mountain Outfitters at 570-746-9140. For more information about River Day call 570-996-1500 Gathering of Singers and Songwriters 10 At the Dietrich Theater in downtown Tunkhannock Wednesday, August 24 at 7:30 p.m. Admission: Free Join us in celebrating live acoustic music! For the 10th anniversary of the Gathering of Singers and Songwriters we will be reuniting some of the greatest folk talent that has graced the Dietrich stage. Don't miss out. Call 570-996-1500 for details and tickets.

At The Dietrich

Hildy Morgan

Whew. It really truly is summer, isn’t it? I keep telling myself that there are millions of folks who live for this kind of weather, hot and humid, and that they have a right to have days like this just as I love the crisp days of autumn and the snows of winter. I know they have a right. I do. It might even be constitutional. But grrrrrr – I don’t like them at all. I want to simply crawl into my air conditioner and not come out until September. Not very nice of me, is it? Okay, I’ll try to do better. I’ll try to think charitable thoughts about all this ickiness. “Really, I will,” as Betty Davis would have said. “Really.” So Harry Potter is a big hit! No surprise. It’s not like the normal sequels that follow any movie that makes over fifty million the first weekend. Harry Potter was a wonderous story about wizards and bad guys, of children growing up. Of battles fought and won. There was a story arc that covered all of the Potter books…and it was not only about Harry, but about his friends, and their fearful journey to adulthood. And really, isn’t that journey fearful for all of us? We all have demons to fight, don’t we? So this was a story wonderfully told and movies made with real class and attention to the spirit of the tale. I thought it so gracious and terrific of J.K.Rowling to come out at the London premiere and thank her fans. “A story cannot be successful,” she said, “if nobody wants to hear it.” But, of course, people did want to hear it. An entire generation, as a matter of fact. I remember when the books first became a hit and it must have been the second or third in the series and our wonderful concession kids couldn’t wait to get out of work because they were headed to Borders bookstore in Dixon City to stand in line and wait for their copy of Harry to be sold at exactly 12:01 a.m.. Can you imagine? Kids so excited about a book release? And the truly glorious thing about the Potter books, was that when the kids were done reading the latest edition they found that they loved to read and went on to read other books, everything from Madeleine L’Engel to Stephen King and then on to other bits of magic woven so seamlessly on the printed page. And although the relationship between film companies and small town theaters is contentious at best, I have to say that Warner Brothers did a splendid job of both casting and storytelling. It doesn’t happen that often, that there is a real sense of integrity from the movie makers about the books they’re filming, but this time it was entirely splendid. So this weekend we have Bad Teacher, a silly, funny, R rated film about a completely shallow woman who sets her cap for a rich co-worker. Since it’ s Cameron Diaz I’m going to give it a try. In a sense it’s a chick-flick, but more in the genre of Bridesmaids then something more tender hearted. So come with your hubbys or your gal-pals and plan to have a good laugh, something that seems in short supply lately. Oh, one interesting thing about Harry Potter that I want to share with you. By something like three to one, folks chose Harry in 2D over 3D. Interesting, hmmm? Food for thought about how much Hollywood can demand without giving quality. 3D is for the very young and it’s all about special effects, many of which are just as good in 2D. Nationally, 43% of the audience chose 3D. Maybe Hollywood will now stop trying to pressure all the little theaters and threatening us and being a true misery and go back to giving the movie going public what it wants, which is a good story, not more special effects! Oh yeah, don’t forget Celebrate our River Day tomorrow! Good fun! Lovely Day. Join us. See you at the Dietrich.

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Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows, Part 2 3D
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Cowboys & Aliens
July 29, 2011

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Bridal Bliss Exhibit
June 1, 2011 - July 31, 2011

Celebrate Our River Day
July 23, 2011

Life on the Susquehanna River Exhibit
August 1, 2011 - September 30, 2011

Gathering of Singers and Songwriters 10
August 24, 2011

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Acting Camp for Kids
June 20, 2011 - July 29, 2011

Mask Making Camp
July 18, 2011 - July 22, 2011

Move It! Theatre & Visual Arts Camp
July 25, 2011 - July 29, 2011

Swing from the Tree Tops Camp
August 1, 2011 - August 5, 2011

Things in the Sky
July 6, 2011 - July 27, 2011

Open Studio: Painting, Drawing & Pottery
April 12, 2011 - August 23, 2011

Decorative Painting
April 13, 2011 - August 31, 2011

Introduction to Stained Glass
August 8, 2011

Jewelry Making: Introduction to Glass Fusing
July 11, 2011 - July 25, 2011

Knit a Mobius Scarf
July 14, 2011 - July 28, 2011

Pottery & Sculpture
April 4, 2011 - September 12, 2011

Writers' Group
April 14, 2011 - August 25, 2011

Yoga for You
April 13, 2011 - August 31, 2011

Live at The Dietrich

Erica Rogler

Live at the Dietrich July 20, 2011 In just a few days, Tunkhannock’s Seventh Annual Celebrate Our River Day will be here. Join us on Saturday, July 23 from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to take part in the free festivities at Tunkhannock’s Riverside Park. The afternoon and evening will be filled with tunes provided by Sadie Green Sales Jugband, bluegrass group Coal Town Rounders and the reggae/rock inspired George Wesley Band. You won’t want to miss any of these musical acts! David Driskell and Timothy Walker of Sadie Green Sales will be bringing students from the Dietrich’s Jammin’ in a Jugband class onto the stage to help them out with a few songs. Talk about fantastic entertainment! Those who come will also be able to enjoy a host of environmental displays and activities. The Bureau of Forestry will be there with a display and literature on various forestry subjects and tree cookies to explain tree growth to anyone interested. Forester David Cole will also lead two walks in the park to identify and discuss trees. Michael Crispell of the Countryside Conservancy will have a display that will teach us how to tell the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes, as well as, what to do in the case of snakebite. Anthracite Outfitters will have a tent and kayak fishing display again this year and some kayak fly-fishing demonstrations. They will also be discussing the river, fish species, and protection of the river as well and how to effectively fish the river from a kayak in a low impact manner. The Endless Mountain Nature Center will be presenting a butterfly gardening workshop. There will also be a nature walk with Bob Daniels where participants will explore life on the banks of the river and a bird walk with Joe DeMarco. In addition, Susquehanna Kayak & Canoe Rental and Endless Mountain Outfitters will be running a river float from Mehoopany to Tunkhannock’s Riverside Park that day. Call 570-746-9140 for more details about the float or to register. This year River Day participants will also be able to enjoy history talks with Bill Bachman of Penn State/Wilkes-Barre. He will be presenting “Frances Slocum: Child of Two Americas” and “Meet a Patriot – Colonial Captain Ebenezer Parrish, A Proud Pennsylvanian” at High Energy Fitness. There will also be an open house at the gym that day. A couple of other new features of Celebrate Our River Day this will be a mural painting activity for children with Amy and Steve Colley. We will also have plein air painters that day painting the natural beauty of the park and the day’s activities. Local basketry artist Susi Nuss will be on hand to demonstrate basket making by the park’s Wee Willow Dome. Admission to Celebrate Our River Day is free thanks to funding from the Overlook Estate Foundation. We hope to see you there! Oh and I almost forgot, Simply Savory will be at the park with their delicious BBQ and there will also be ice cream, sno-cones, lemonade and a birch beer/cream soda stand. Call the Dietrich at 570-996-1500 for more information about River Day.