Dietrich Theater Events at the Dietrich this weekend!

How to Collect Antique Quilts - An "Airing of the Quilts" Event
At the Dietrich Theater in downtown Tunkhannock
Saturday, October 1 at 11:00 a.m.
Presenter: Mary Koval
Tickets: $8 each
Learn about collecting antique quilts during this presentation by Mary Koval.  She will share her knowledge of quilting that she has amassed during her 35 years of experience as a quilter, appraiser, quilt dealer, collector and fabric designer. 
Tickets are available by calling 570-996-1500 or at the door while they last.

Classical Guitar Music from Argentina
At the Dietrich Theater in downtown Tunkhannock
Sunday, October 2 at 3:00 p.m.
Presented by: Jay Steveskey
Tickets: $10 each
Jay Steveskey will perform music by the legendary "Tango Nuevo" master, Astor Piazolla, and his guitar composer countrymen Maximo Diego Pujol, Jorge Cardoso, Jose Luis Merlin and more.  Enjoy the beautiful melodies and exotic rhythms of Buenos Aires and the Argentine countryside right her in NEPA. Experience tangos, milongas, zambas and contemporary classical guitar music.  Come and celebrate the classical guitar and Argentine Spring this Fall in NEPA at the Dietrich Theater. 
Call 570-996-1500  for ticket information.

At The Dietrich

Hildy Morgan

 Oh, my oh my. This flood business is a little hard on the spirit. You just think one thing is fixed and something else has run amok. It seems, some days, quite endless. And I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and loss suffered by those who have lost their homes. How do you even start to rebuild? Especially if you’re older? I know there is often no choice, but it must be so very, very hard. My heart breaks for those who lost a lifetime of memories in one nasty night. Photographs of a beloved mother, or sister or husband or wife. All those photos of the children as they grew. Your first dog, the one who made you laugh because he was such a mutt and so funny and you’d gotten just that right camera angle.

I’ve heard a bit of meanness directed at all of us who got flooded, that we all should have had insurance. Yeah, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? But if you were actually in a flood zone and you’re a regular working stiff, there is no way on God’s green earth you could afford it. And if, like the Dietrich and most of the T’town downtown, you were not in the flood zone, why would you have it? It costs a fortune and it doesn’t cover anything in the basement and that’s all you expect – some basement flooding.
Of all the businesses in town, I believe only Bricks had insurance (and speaking of Brick’s, I can’t wait til they’re back – it’s such a wonderful, small, efficient place to shop). None of the other businesses, including the insurance company next door, had it. So, even if we’d had insurance, there would be so much not covered, that we would still have to ask for your help to recover. So many wonderful people have donated so much of their time that I can’t even tell you all the volunteer hours we have accumulated here. 

There is a cadre of men who come in at nine every morning and work until four every day, with a half hour break for lunch. They work as if they’re being paid. As if this is their job. I am awed by them, grateful to them, and mystified all at the same
time. And so thankful to them and to all those who come in and help – it is a massive task and we couldn’t have done it without you. 
So, we need donations. I wish we didn’t have to ask, but we do. We will have all four screens open this weekend, but you will see, especially if you come in the older section, that we have been dreadfully wounded. We are a 501C3 so you donations are tax deductible and we would sure appreciate anything you can send us.
Tonight is a sad night. We’re going out to dinner for the last time with Bob and Nancy Kulow. They are leaving T’town for the more moderate climate of North Carolina. Bob has been our electronics expert, our sound man, our go-to man for everything to do with plays and computers and radio sounds and…well… just about everything. He will be so missed, but we all wish both he and Nancy just the very best in their new life. Still, we so hate to see him go and will miss him most dreadfully!
Okay, four screens – Dolphin Tale (soooo good!), What’s Your Number (an R rated comedy that looks pretty good), Drive – uber violent but film noir at its best, and Dream House, a classy psycho-thriller that should give you a goose bump or two.
Plus, we have a wonderful guitar concert – the music of Argentina played by classical guitarist Jay Stevensky. He is so fine – you won’t hear better classical music anywhere, no, not even in the Big Apple So come here to hear Jay and you won’t have any of that traffic to deal with. Okay? We’ ll save some popcorn for you!  Once again, if you can help us with a donation, we would appreciate it so much. And thank you for all you’ve done for us. And, oh yeah, come to the movies….we want to see all your smiling faces again. It cheers us up!
See you at the Dietrich.

Now Showing
or (570)836-1022 for times

Dolphin Tale
September 23, 2011 -
October 6, 2011

September 30, 2011 -
October 6, 2011

September 30, 2011 -
October 6, 2011

What's Your Number
September 30, 2011 -
October 6, 2011

Coming Soon
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BREAKING DAWN: Twilight Saga
November 18, 2011 -
November 18, 2011

or (570)996-1500 to reserve

How to Collect Antique Quilts
October 1, 2011

Classical Guitar Music from Argentina
October 2, 2011

Bus Trip to Grey Towers, Dingman's Ferry & Milford
October 12, 2011

Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories
October 14, 2011 - October 15, 2011

Semi-Public Executions - A Lecture
October 19, 2011

Barbershop Vocal Clinic
October 29, 2011 - November 12, 2011

Sister Act on Broadway - Bus Trip
November 2, 2011

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears
November 11, 2011 - November 12, 2011

Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas
December 2, 2011 - December 3, 2011

Dietrich Radio Players Performance
December 7, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life
December 13, 2011 - December 13, 2011

or (570)996-1500 to enroll

All About Pottery & Sculpture, ages 5-8
September 16, 2011 - October 7, 2011

Bearing Creative Fruit! ages 5-12
October 4, 2011 - October 25, 2011

Drawing and Painting, ages 5 to 8
October 14, 2011 - November 4, 2011

Drawing from Life, ages 9 to 12
October 27, 2011 - December 8, 2011

From the Easel: Oil Painting
September 15, 2011 - October 20, 2011

Holiday Camp, ages 6 to 12
December 27, 2011 - December 29, 2011

Painting Together, ages 3 & 4
October 14, 2011 - November 4, 2011

Quilting for Kids, ages 6 and up
September 14, 2011 - December 14, 2011

Sculpting Together, ages 3 & 4
September 16, 2011 - October 7, 2011

Trash to Treasures
November 11, 2011 - December 9, 2011

Trash to Treasures Together, ages 3 & 4
November 11, 2011 - December 9, 2011

Young at Art: Painting for Preschoolers
October 13, 2011 - November 3, 2011

Young at Art - Sculpting for Preschoolers
September 15, 2011 - October 6, 2011

Young at Art - Trash to Treasures for Preschoolers
November 10, 2011 - December 8, 2011

Intergenerational Quilting
September 14, 2011 - December 14, 2011

Open Studio/ Portfolio Prep
September 13, 2011 - November 29, 2011

Acting Workshop
October 6, 2011 - November 10, 2011

Create a Felted Scarf
September 27, 2011 - October 11, 2011

Decorative Painting
August 31, 2011 - December 14, 2011

Easy Beads: Create in Clay
October 3, 2011

Golden Days of Radio Players
October 4, 2011 - December 6, 2011

Introduction to Stained Glass
November 15, 2011

Jewelry Making Basics
December 5, 2011

Jewelry Making: Intro to Glass Fusing
October 24, 2011 - November 7, 2011

Knit a Slouchy Hat
October 18, 2011 - November 1, 2011

Mosaic Design
October 26, 2011 - December 7, 2011

Photography for Beginners
September 12, 2011 - October 3, 2011

Photoshop 101
October 5, 2011 - November 16, 2011

Live at The Dietrich

Erica Rogler

Live at the Dietrich September 28, 2011
I can’t believe we are at the end of September! These past few weeks have flown by. As far as flood recovery is concerned at the Dietrich, we opened a third theater this past Friday. And we hope to open the fourth theater this Friday. We still have a long way to go though. Volunteers keeps coming back to hang drywall, spackle, clean and do a variety of other tasks. We are grateful for everyone’s help to get the Dietrich back on its feet. 
Donations are still coming in, but we have far to go to pay for the restoration and clean up. If you are interested in making a donation, please call us at 570-996-1500 or send a gift in the mail to the Dietrich Theater; 60 E. Tioga Street; Tunkhannock, PA 18657. We would greatly appreciate the help. 
Since we are at the end of September, the Dietrich’s Fall Film Festival is winding down. If you haven’t caught a film you hoped to see, the Dietrich will be showing film festival movies all day today and tomorrow. If you haven’t seen Midnight in Paris, I would recommend trying to fit its last showing into your schedule. It was pure fun and so magical. Woody Allen got it just right. And, of course, the city of Paris was the perfect backdrop. Visit our website for film festival movies and show times.
This Saturday Airing of the Quilts will be upon us. I can’t wait because Tunkhannock truly shines for this event. Houses, shops, and fences are draped with the most beautiful quilts of various designs and colors. I just enjoy walking up and down Tunkhannock’s streets and viewing these quilts and the beauty of autumn in the Endless Mountains. 
The Dietrich will take part in Airing of the Quilts by hosting a quilt presentation on "How to Collect Antique Quilts"on Saturday, October 1 at 11 a.m. This year Mary Koval will share her knowledge of quilting that she has amassed during her 35 years of experience as a quilter, appraiser, quilt dealer, collector and fabric designer. Tickets are $8 each. These Airing of the Quilts presentations are so popular that we recommend purchasing tickets in advance by calling 570-996-1509. You won’t want to miss this glorious day of quilts!
The Sunday after Airing of the Quilts, October 2, classical guitarist Jay Steveskey will be at the Dietrich for an afternoon of music from Argentina. He will perform music by the legendary "Tango Nuevo" master, Astor Piazolla. Jay will also play the music of Argentina’s great guitar composers Maximo Diego Pujol, Jorge Cardoso, Jose Luis Merlin and more. During this concert you will enjoy the beautiful melodies and exotic rhythms of Buenos Aires and the Argentine countryside. You will be able to experience tangos, milongas, zambas and contemporary classical guitar music. I always enjoy when Jay performs at the Dietrich. There is nothing like live music performed by a talented and enthusiastic artist! Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased by calling 570-996-1500 or at the door. We hope to see you there. 
Dietrich classes have started up again. For adults, we are offering Pottery & Sculpture, Acting Working, Photoshop 101, Jewelry Making, Decorative Painting, Golden Days of Radio Players, Mosaic Design, and so much more. 
For children, we are presenting an Everhart class-Bearing Creative Fruit, All About Pottery & Sculpture, Drawing from Life, Painting Together, Quilting for Kids, Trash to Treasures, and Young at Art: Painting for Preschoolers, just to name a few. There is definitely something for everyone. Visit for our full schedule.