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Bowman Hollow Falls, Forkston
Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, serves as the Gateway to the Endless Mountains and is rich in natural resources with beautiful places to hike, bike, camp, picnic, hunt and fish, kayak, and explore. Within the pages of this guide, visitors and residents will find directions and details about Wyoming County’s hidden treasures, some of which are publicly accessible all year long and others where use may be limited to certain seasons or specific uses.


The enjoyment of outdoor recreation depends greatly on your adherence to a few basic principles. The safety, accessibility, and enjoyment of sites listed herein change seasonally and can be greatly affected by weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold, wind, and precipitation. Please use common sense and follow posted rules and guidelines when hiking and accessing waterways. Use life jackets when enjoying any watercraft, use sunscreen and insect repellent, and always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return. Respect wildlife by maintaining a safe distance between you and living creatures. Learn to identify and avoid poisonous plants and wash any exposed areas of the skin with warm soap and water when any itching or rashes develop. Check for ticks after every outing, know the symptoms of Lyme disease and seek medical attention whenever in doubt.

Fishing Season

While it is not unlawful to paddle or hike streams where seasonal fishing is taking place, it might be best to avoid peak seasons like the start of trout fishing in mid April for convenience of access and out of respect to licensed anglers. More information is available at .

Boat Permits & Boat Launches

Whether fishing or recreational paddling, permits for watercraft are required by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission for all public waterways, especially those for which the PA F&BC provides public access. Temporary permits can easily be purchased online, and permanent stickers can be purchased from registered local outfitters. Violators can be fined. Boat Permits & Boat Launches: More information is available at , , and .

Private Property

Many publicly accessible areas border private property and areas that are inaccessible for safety or other reasons. Please be considerate of No Trespassing signs and avoid wandering from marked trails and beyond the obvious confines of parks and preserves.

Hunting Season

A number of sites in this booklet are located on State Game Lands or other properties where hunting is permitted. Small game seasons generally run from late September through October and again from January to early April. Turkey seasons run from October into November and again from late April to late May. Bear and deer seasons overlap but cover much of the fall and winter months. In general, hunters should be expected in State Games Lands and other posted areas during these times, when it may be unsafe to hike. When in doubt, contact a site manager and wear florescent orange as a precaution. More information is available at .


For a list of campgrounds in Wyoming County, visit .