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 Fun & Easy Paper Beads with Esther Harmatz
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Fun & Easy Paper Beads with Esther Harmatz

Did you know you can make beautiful beads from items you already have in your home? Easy peasy!! Esther Harmatz is gonna show you how to make Fun & Easy Paper Beads. All you need are some magazine pages, or any paper, glue and toothpicks! Here is a short, easy to follow lesson on how to make Fun and Easy Paper Beads by Dietrich Instructor Esther Harmatz. Use your imagination to create colorful, lightweight beads that can be then strung to make necklaces, earrings or bracelets! By using colored paper, or left over Christmas wrapping paper you will have fun with the kids making some jewelry that will surprise you!!

Here is a YouTube link to my Fun and Easy Paper Beads video for you to enjoy. https://youtu.be/kFKZfhh2PiU

Note: Esther is one of the regulars seen around the Dietrich Theater. Some people even ask if she lives there! Along with doing our newspaper ads, theater graphics, and projection duties, Esther also teaches several Dietrich artisan classes including Beginners Stained Glass, Glass Jewelry, Fused Glass and is probably best known for being director of The Dietrich Theater Golden Days of Radio Players. She hopes that you and your kids will enjoy this little video and will have fun making some colorful beads and jewelry while you are staying safe at home!